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Become a Sponsor

Dear Potential Sponsor,

We humbly extend this heartfelt plea, inviting you to join us in making a profound and lasting impact on our world. As we pursue our mission of positive change, we recognise that our success hinges upon the collective power of compassionate partners like you.

Your sponsorship is more than a financial contribution; it is a strategic investment in a better future. Together, we can fuel innovation, empower communities, and effect transformative change. By aligning your brand with our purpose-driven initiatives, you have the opportunity to showcase your commitment to social responsibility and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

With your support, we can provide vital resources, create opportunities, and deliver life-changing solutions to those most in need. By becoming a sponsor, you become a beacon of hope, an agent of progress, and a catalyst for positive transformation.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of impact. Stand alongside us as a sponsor, and witness how your support turns dreams into reality. Let us create a world where compassion, equality, and opportunity thrive.

Please heed this heartfelt plea and embrace the opportunity to be part of something truly meaningful. Your partnership will shape a brighter tomorrow.

With profound gratitude,

The Trade Institute

Get Involved

Elevate your brand, expand your reach, and make a significant difference in the trades industry by becoming a sponsor for the Trade Institute (TTI). As a unique and dedicated hub serving the tradespeople in the UK, we seek generous sponsors to help us create a substantial positive impact in the lives of hard-working tradespeople.

We offer three sponsorship packages for you to choose from.

Tier 1

Machinery Donation

Do you have any machinery that you’re no longer using? 

With a continuous cycle of tradespeople through our door, we are always looking for machinery for them to use. 

We welcome donations of machinery that is safe to be re-used and in good condition.

Tier 2

Space Sponsorship

The work spaces within the Trade Institute are tailor designed, trade safe and well maintained. Because of this, they can be expensive to run. 

Become a one off sponsor of a space and help us with equipment and room maintenance and health and safety checks. 

Tier 3

Ongoing Support

Want to support us for the long term? We welcome monthly donations and ongoing support. 

No matter how big or small the donation, we are grateful for any help that you want to give. 

What's in it for you?

By choosing to sponsor TTI, you’ll contribute significantly towards creating supportive environments for tradespeople, and in return, receive exposure to a vast audience of professionals. We recognise the profound impact of every contribution, and therefore, we’ve devised a seven-tier sponsorship recognition plan to show our gratitude:

Additionally, we honour our top contributors on our ‘Wall of Heroes’. This space is dedicated to those who have significantly aided us in our mission.

So far..

After eight relentless months navigating through a labyrinth of paperwork and chasing elusive funding commitments, we at The Trade Institute have taken a decisive step.

The time has come to seize control of our destiny.

We now invite like-minded individuals and organisations to join our mission, pledging any assistance they can to help kickstart our venture.

The Trade Institute, a £500,000 construction project, has been fuelled thus far by the generosity of family and friends. Yet, to cross the finish line and inaugurate our inaugural centre, we need further support.

Your backing is crucial not just to complete our first centre, but also to realise our grand vision: taking this invaluable initiative nationwide. Stand with us today, and let’s transform the landscape of the trades industry together.”

We couldn’t do this without our generous sponsors.