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Our vision and mission


The trade community plays an indispensable role connecting businesses, and individuals to build better communities and foster prosperity.

Our mission is to champion and support this vital community, recognising its significance and the undeniable impact it has on society.

We want to be a space to build connections, support our community and help tradespeople prosper, both physically and mentally. 

Man expertly sanding a woodworking project for precise construction and mental well-being.

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Hello, I’m Coleen, one of the founders of The Trade Institute.
Our mission is to improve the working lives and mental health of tradespeople in the construction industry.

While being self-employed in a trade offers logistical freedom, running a construction business involves a lot of back-office work, including bookkeeping, marketing, and paperwork.

The lack of support, office space and storage can quickly take over domestic space, causing overwhelm and conflicts with family.

Non-payment or changing payment amounts after the work has been completed is also a common issue in the construction industry.

At The Trade Institute, we aim to create a communal workshop space for all tradespeople and encourage collaboration across different trades.

We named the building after our organisation to create a neutral space for all trades to use. Our motive is to create a community that works, and we welcome your honest and constructive feedback to achieve this goal.

Mental Health Matters

On average, we lose TWO tradespeople per day due to suicide.

You are 3.7 times more likely to die by suicide in the trade sector. 

We don’t think this is good enough. 

Working in trade can be a tiresome and lonely journey but that doesn’t mean you need to be alone. We provide a space for you to build your own community of like minded friends who recognise your difficulties and understand your struggles. 

Sponsor the Trade Institute

We are a one of kind space across the whole of the UK. We want to continue being a beacon of support for the community. 

This is where we need you! 

We’re in search of generous sponsors to help us complete our pioneering centre and to begin spreading our initiative across the UK so that we can support as many tradespeople as possible. 


Shaping the Future for
a Thriving Trade and
Construction Community

At the Trade Institute, we are excitedly building a future where trade professionals don’t just survive, but thrive. We have a simple yet powerful vision: to revolutionise the trade and construction industry by providing a hub that fosters respect, collaboration, and growth.

Our mission is to create an environment where development is not just a buzzword but a reality. We are paving the way for every tradesperson to grow professionally and personally, providing training facilities that break down barriers and build potential.

At our core, we are a community dedicated to collaboration, leveraging our shared experiences to empower each other. Our workspace offers the resources of a comprehensive business centre, from high-quality training rooms to our extensive services.

We believe that together, we are stronger. Whether it’s through our mentorship program that pairs seasoned business owners with newcomers, or through our networking opportunities, we foster a culture of collaboration and mutual support.

But we’re not just about work. We understand the importance of wellbeing and positivity. We’ve seen firsthand the toll that mental health can take on the trade industry, which is why we’ve integrated wellbeing services and resources into our offering. From wellbeing workshops to a supportive wellbeing network, we’re here to bolster not just your business, but your life.

We are eager for innovation, always looking for new ways to support our community. Our warehouse space, virtual reception, and delivery acceptance services are just a few examples of how we are striving to redefine the traditional trade environment.

In our vision for the future, no tradesperson should ever feel alone or unsupported. We want to get involved with tradespeople at every stage of their journey, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro.

At the Trade Institute, we don’t just believe in our mission – we live it. Every aspect of our hub is designed with you in mind, from our comprehensive office spaces to our technician services. This dedication is why we’ve been able to create a haven for tradespeople, complete with shower facilities, meeting rooms, and fabrication workshops.

We invite you to join us and experience firsthand the future we are building at the Trade Institute. We believe in the power of trades, and we’re here to make sure the world does too. Together, we can transform the trade and construction industry one step at a time. The question is, are you ready to join us?


To build a trade and construction focused business centre that is designed to help to build relationships in the community with the view to help decrease stress levels and improve mental Health in the industry
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To create a thriving community where trade and construction workers can go to complete work in a fully equipped workshop, access office space, meeting rooms and services whilst building relationships
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Support the Trade Institute in Reshaping the Future of the Trades Industry

There is nothing like The Trade Institute in the whole of the UK

It’s something we fervently believe is much needed within the trade community. Pioneering new paths, particularly those unexplored, has its challenges, one of which is financial.

Given the unique nature of The Trade Institute, conventional sources such as banks often hesitate, viewing innovation as a risk rather than an opportunity. Thus, we’ve managed to secure only a fraction of the funding required from these traditional routes.

This means that we have been self-financing the majority of the £300,000 that has been invested so far. 

With help from family and friends, this was proposed as a short term solution to get us started. 

Now, we turn to you.

We’re in search of generous sponsors, supporters and heros to help us complete our pioneering centre, and to begin extending this initiative across the nation. Our trades industry is struggling, teetering precariously on the brink. 

The only way forward is a radical reshaping of the status quo, a revolution, and that’s exactly what the Trade Institute offers.

The moment to support, to strengthen, and to reshape the future of the trades industry is now. 

Join us in this noble endeavour, sponsor or support us, and together, we can raise the industry from its knees and propel it towards a prosperous future. 

Be part of this monumental transformation and let’s make a difference, together