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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of trades at The Trade Institute!

We have an exciting array of events coming up designed to inspire, educate, and connect tradespeople and professionals alike.

Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities, industry-specific workshops, or just a chance to meet like-minded individuals, we’ve got you covered.

Explore our event line-up below and book your spot today to take part in enriching experiences that could propel your professional journey forward!

A Hub for Professional Development and Networking

At the heart of the Trade Institute lies a vibrant hub for industry events, networking opportunities, and professional development – our bustling Events page. We’ve carefully crafted a rich calendar of activities, so whether you’re an ambitious tradesperson or a business professional looking for industry insights, there’s something for everyone.

Industry Events Bringing you a variety of industry-specific happenings, our industry events are designed to delve deep into the realms of the trades. From panel discussions with industry leaders to comprehensive trade shows, these events serve as a platform to engage, educate and inspire. Find the latest updates on these gatherings and be part of the industry conversation that will help shape the future of trades.

Networking Events Don’t miss our engaging networking events. In a survey conducted by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, networking was cited as a key factor in business growth and opportunities. Our networking events are crafted to foster productive interactions and collaborations, connecting you with like-minded professionals in your field. Create enduring connections and broaden your professional network, all while gaining valuable industry insights.

Thought-provoking Sessions At the Trade Institute, we strive to stimulate intellectual curiosity and promote knowledge sharing. Our thought-provoking sessions are designed to challenge conventional thinking and foster innovation in the trades. We host renowned speakers from various sectors who share their knowledge, experiences, and novel ideas. Stay updated about these sessions through our events page and join us to broaden your horizons.

Professional Development We understand the significance of continuous learning in today’s rapidly changing trades landscape. Our professional development events, curated in collaboration with trusted training providers, offer targeted courses and workshops to enhance your skills and competencies. Whether it’s upskilling in your trade or developing your leadership capabilities, these events are designed to cater to your professional growth needs.

Open Days Our open days give you a sneak-peek into what The Trade Institute has to offer. From exploring our workspace and training facilities, to meeting our community of professionals, it’s an ideal opportunity to experience our vibrant ecosystem.

Special Offers Stay updated about our exciting offers and deals that add an extra charm to your experience at The Trade Institute. From exclusive membership deals to discounts on our services, find it all on our Events page.

Visit our Events page regularly to stay updated on all the latest happenings. The Trade Institute is not just a workspace, but a thriving community where ideas meet opportunities. Join us and let’s build a brighter future for the trades, together.

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Trades Breakfast Network

Every Tuesday
7am - 8 am

Neurospicy Business Network

3rd Thursday of the Month
6pm - 8pm

Community game connect

2nd Thursday of the Month
5pm - 8pm

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